The Final (?!) Tasty Tuesday. Volume 30: Amano Raspberry Rose


Legend has it that once Art Pollard, master chocolate maker at Amano, dug into famed Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s raspberry rose cheesecake, he thought it was so good that he literally cursed out loud. I like to imagine him yelling a long string of obscenities while crushing forkfuls of cheesecake into his mouth and trying to wrap his mind around what must have seemed like extraterrestrial deliciousness.

Hermé has a cult following. He began his career at age 14 as an apprentice to Gaston Lenôtre, one of the most celebrated pastry chefs of the modern era. As the heir to 4 generations of pastry knowledge, Hermé has added hard work to his valuable schooling to earn titles as lofty as “The Picasso of Pastry” and the “World’s Best Pastry Chef.”

Depending on where you are, you may not be able to visit Hermé's flagship store at 72 Rue Bonaparte anytime soon, but you can try Amano Raspberry Rose, the bar that Art Pollard has worked on tirelessly as an homage to that Holy SH*T good cheesecake.


Hello Raspberry

I see you brought some roses

How thoughtful of you!

Tasting Notes

Look - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

LOOK LIKE: A beautiful grid of chocolate squares, each with Amano inscribed on it.

Listen - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

SOUNDS LIKE: (When breaking a piece off) A crisp snap indicates a high quality temper

Feel - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

FEELS LIKE: Reading braille, if every letter were A. 

Smell - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png


Taste - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

TASTES LIKE: Someone got tired of Panera for dinner, so they went to Whole Foods,  bought some raspberries and a bouquet of roses and just ate that for dinner. Except they had some chocolate too, to make it a well balanced meal.


What We Thought

Would we send it to you?: As sure as hipsters need their beard bling.

Pairing Ideas: Since this bar has such potent, clearly defined flavor, it's well suited for a pairing where the tea accelerates the chocolate's flavor. That's exactly what happens when you pair it with Golden Guan Yin. It's a masterclass on what raspberry tastes like (in case you didn't already know). 

A note to our readers: This will be the last weekly version of Tasty Tuesdays. That being said, it's not the end of Tea with Company introducing you to the best teas and chocolates the world has to offer. We're switching to a new format, with posts released whenever they're finished. 

The name of the game? Spend more time on what we make, so we can make better stuff, for you guys. 

In the meantime, we'll be publishing all the previous editions of Tasty Tuesdays to the blog, so you can reference them when you next buy tea or chocolate :)



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