Tasty Tuesdays Volume 28


You've heard the maxim "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." 

What about when life sends swarms of tiny tea crickets that bite all your tea leaves? You make Oriental Beauty, of course. 

Oriental Beauty is among the most iconic oolong teas of Taiwan. Legend has it that it came about when an enterprising farmer, having discovered that his tea crops had all been bitten up, decided to go ahead and make the tea anyway, instead of tossing the lot aside, as is customary. 

The result tasted so good that he sold it for twice the normal price!

When you try Oriental Beauty, the first thing that jumps out at you is its wonderful floral flavor. That floral flavor arises because when a tea cricket -- also known as a tea jassid -- bites the tea leaf, the tea leaf relases jasmonic acid. That acid tastes floral to us.

Funnily enough, jasmonic acid attracts another kind of bug, which eats Tea Jassids.

Plants. Endlessly fascinating.

teNYC Oriental Beauty.jpg

Life gave me Lemons

But I made Lemonade, so

They call me Agile

Tasting Notes

Look - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

LOOK LIKE: A medley of colors, with blacks, browns, greens and yellows


Listen - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

SOUNDS LIKE: Like raking the tastiest leaves ever.

Feel - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

FEELS LIKE: Like tea leaves that got bit by bugs, except way more exciting because they're going to taste good.

Smell - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

SMELLS LIKE: Grapes grapes grapes.

Taste - Dark Mauve - Transparent.png

TASTES LIKE: Floral jumps out right away. It's extraordinarily soothing.


What We Thought

Would we send it to you?: As sure as the sky is blue and the grass is (usually) green. In fact, this, and a wonderful chocolate bar to pair with it, is going out to members of the Tea with Chocolate tribe in the Fall of 2017.

Pairing Ideas: Tea with Chocolate tribe members will get to try this with Naive Kefir Probiotic Milk chocolate in the Fall of 2017. This pairing exhibits a wonderfully common yet weird phenomena of tea and chocolate pairings -- tertiary flavors. Although its nowhere to be found in either the tea or chocolate, when you have them both together -- it's unmistakable. You get caramelized citrus. It's delish.



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