Putting a pause on enabling pausing


This blog post was written on Sept 14th, 2017 to explain to existing customers why a particular feature was not present at the launch of Customer Portal. 

Some of you live a life the rest of us dream about, jet setting about from one city to another while, I assume, balancing google hangout sessions with Beyonce and placating your hordes of adoring fans. So once in a while, understandably, you're out of town when one of your Tea with Chocolate shipment arrives at the door. 

So it makes sense that you may have been excited to hear when we mentioned we'd be putting up a customer portal that allows you to pause and resume your subscription as needed. Unfortunately, we aren't able to do that (yet). 

Here's why. 

We are a hyper-lean team. And to be frank, by "hyper-lean," I mean model-skinny. Tea with Company brings you delicious Tea with Chocolate magic through the alchemy of:

  • 55% one dude running around on a tea high
  • 20% that same dude working with specialists in artisan tea and chocolate to make delicious pairings that will make you want to call your Mommy 'cuz damn that's good
  • 20% that same dude working with design experts to make things look pretty because who doesn't like pretty things?
  • 5% that (still) same dude working with awesome assistants who make sure the trains run on time and boxes show up your door
 Guy who makes pairings and wants to send them to you 'cuz they look pretty and they taste good and we could all use a little more chill time

Guy who makes pairings and wants to send them to you 'cuz they look pretty and they taste good and we could all use a little more chill time

If you haven't met that dude, now's a great time. (See picture).

All of which is to say, we don't have the resources to do all the things we want to do for you guys, at least not yet. Our payments platform is run by Chargebee. The new customer portal is also enabled by them. When we had promised the ability to pause subscriptions, we did so because we (prematurely) figured that Chargebee would support that out of the box. 

We were wrong about that. While it is possible, it would take a considerable amount of time, energy, and engineering power to make that happen. So we're putting it on pause for now. 

Going forward:

If you have a particular agreement with us about how your pauses will work, that'll continue. 

Otherwise, if ever you should need to pause for a month because Jay invited you to his next gig at the last second, totally inconsiderate of whether or not you already had plans, just shoot us an e-mail at joy@teawithcompany.com at least two weeks before your next box is set to ship. (We always ship the third Tuesday of the month). 

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